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Nyumba nyingine ni nzuri - singular or plural?

Is there any way to tell if this is singular or plural? Currently the plural (Other houses are nice) is accepted as correct, and the singular (Another house is nice) isn't.

Afaik there's no way of telling the difference here (with class 9/10), but am I missing something? The notes are here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sw/Adjectives-2/tips-and-notes - they list two possible forms for the plural (nyingine/zingine), but nyingine is identical for the singular.

(I didn't report it so far, because I wasn't sure)

Edit: Why the down-vote? Is it not ok to ask actual language questions here?

January 1, 2019



you're right, for (N/N) you need more context to distinguish between singular and plural


Great, thanks for the confirmation, I'll report it the next time I see it :)


There's no way to distinguish singular from plural in this sentence in standard Swahili.

The form zingine is used by some people in the plural, but it's not considered standard.

Of course, if you switch to anything but the present tense, suddenly you get a nice i- or zi- subject marker to tell you.

Nyumba nyingine zilikuwa nzuri. = The other houses were nice.

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