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"Ceci est extrêmement important."

Translation:This is extremely important.

April 5, 2013



Is saying "ceci est" instead of "c'est" the same as adding "-ci" to the ends of words to emphasize "this HERE"?




according to those, it says ceci/cela should be used for all verbs except etre, pouvoir +etre and devoir+etre where it should be contracted so i assume it must be, unless it's wrong :-/

p.s. i severely doubt it's wrong seeing as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Treachery_of_Images :) anybody care to wade in? is it such that when ce is used with etre or any of those other combinations it means something closer to it/he/she whereas ceci clarifies it back to "this"?


If you refer to a noun that you've already mentioned in the sentence, you use celui/celle/ceux/celles (masculine form, feminine formand both plurals). You can add ci and là to indicate where the the object is. Tu veux celui-ci ou celle-là?

If your refer to something you haven't mentioned in the sentence, you use ça/cela/ce/ceci. Ça is informal and means this here as wel as that there. Cela means that there. Ceci means this here. Ce is used in combination with être or pouvoir/devoir + être.


I wrote "This here is extremely important." and it was marked as wrong. What a silly system.


don't be so keen next time ;) x


The 'here' is redundant in English. From https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2012/06/this-here.html : "As the Oxford English Dictionary says within its entry for “this,” the use of the demonstrative adjective “strengthened by here immediately following” is “dial. [dialectal] or vulgar.”


I too thought ceci meant this one


Ceci means these. Celui-ci means these one


Did anyone else have a REALLY difficult time understanding "Ceci est" It sounded phonetically like SO CI E....


Yeah computers often have trouble with hiatus(es?) Normally it should be /sœsi è tèxtr.../ with a linking t between est and extrêmement


The audio says one "MO" in "extrêmement". While google audio says "MOMO"; twice, not one time. Which one is more correct ?


@Ali88082 Like you and all the other "past" learners from years ago now, in this thread, I too have difficulty with the audio quality but, extremement definitely has a total of four syllables when pronounced correctly. Bien sûr.


I used "This here" for ceci. How can this not be accepted?


That is extremely important?

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