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WORD #215:
FASAVÄCKANDE (adjective)
1. horrifying

WORD #214:
VIGSELRING (common gender/en-word, pl: vigselringar)
1. wedding band

WORD #213:
AMINOSYRA (common gender/en-word, pl: aminosyror)
1. amino acid

WORD #212:
TONSÄTTARE (common gender/en-word, pl: tonsättare)
1. composer (of music)

WORD #211:
SPÄCKHUGGARE (common gender/en-word, pl: späckhuggare)
1. orca, killer whale

WORD #210:
FÖRSÖKSKANIN (common gender/en-word, pl: försökskaniner)
1. laboratory rabbit, guinea pig (in the sense of a testing animal)

WORD #209:
ARA (common gender/en-word, pl: aror)
1. macaw

WORD #208:
SUNNANVIND (common gender/en-word, pl: sunnanvindar)
1. southerly wind

WORD #207:
VEMODIG (adjective, vemodig, vemodigt, vemodiga)
1. melancholy

WORD #206:
KILLING (common gender/en-word, pl: killingar)
1. kid (baby goat)

WORD #205:
GRÄLSJUK (adjective, grälsjuk, grälsjukt, grälsjuka)
1. quarrelsome

WORD #204:
BLODKÄRL (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: blodkärl)
1. blood vessel

WORD #203:
SJÄLVFÖRVÅLLAD (adjective, självförvållad, självförvållat, självförvållade)
1. self-inflicted, self-imposed

WORD #202:
FOLKSKYGG (adjective, folkskygg, folkskyggt, folkskygga)
1. reclusive, introverted, misanthropic

WORD #201:
KVERULERA (verb, kverulerar, kverulerade, kverulerat)
1. to complain, grumble

WORD #200:
JUBILEUM (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: jubileer)
1. jubilee

WORD #199:
YSTA (verb, ystar, ystade, ystat)
1. to make cheese

WORD #198:
KÄPPHÄST (common gender/en-word, pl: käpphästar)
1. hobby horse (toy)
2. focus, subject of interest, obsession, passion

WORD #197:
ÄLVDALSKA (common gender/en-word)
1. Elfdalian (a Germanic language spoken in northern Dalarna)

More info can be found here.

WORD #196:
DIARIUM (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: diarier)
1. register (book, catalog)

WORD #195:
MASKFORMIG (adjective, maskformig, maskformigt, maskformiga)
1. vermiform, wormlike

WORD #194:
DONQUIJOTISK (adjective, donquijotisk, donquijotiskt, donquijotiska)
1. quixotic, having the characteristics of the titular character of Miguel de Cervantes' novel Don Quixote

WORD #193:
ÖVERENSSTÄMMELSE (common gender/en-word, pl: överensstämmelser)
1. agreement, compliance, conformity

WORD #192:
SPLITTERNY (adjective, splitterny, splitternytt, splitternya)
1. brand new

WORD #191:
NEBULOSA (common gender/en-word, pl: nebulosor)
1. nebula

WORD #190:
RADERA (verb, raderar, raderade, raderat)
1. to delete, erase (Internet/computers)

WORD #189:
TRUMPNA (verb, trumpnar, trumpnade, trumpnat)
1. to become sullen

WORD #188:
BERGSBESTIGARE (common gender/en-word, pl: bergsbestigare)
1. mountain climber

WORD #187:
KONDENSATOR (common gender/en-word, pl: kondensatorer)
1. capacitor (electrical device that stores energy)

WORD #186:
BLÄSAND (common gender/en-word, pl: bläsänder)
1. Eurasian wigeon (bird species, Mareca penelope, Anas penelope)

WORD #185:
TANDSTÄLLNING (common gender/en-word, pl: tandställningar)
1. (dental) braces

WORD #184:
KORTSLUTNING (common gender/en-word, pl: kortslutningar)
1. short circuit

WORD #183:
HANDSPRIT (common gender/en-word)
1. hand sanitizer

WORD #182:
NYÅRSLÖFTE (neuter gender/ett-word, pl: nyårslöften)
1. New Year's resolution

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Funny how swedes and norwegians understand eachother, but I would still have a hard time understanding some of these if a swede came up to me and said some of those words.

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