"Satu kilogram kertas tidak lebih berat dari satu kilogram air."

Translation:One kilogram of paper is not heavier than one kilogram of water.

January 1, 2019

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Can you use daripada


Actually "daripada" is more correct here, even though many native Indonesian speakers say "dari" in this position. "Daripada" is specifically used for comparisons.


If I said one kilo instead of kilogram, would Duo accept that?


Translation aside, is it really not heavier?


Short (useful) answer: Yes, a kilogram of any two objects will have the same weight though the kilogram of a lighter object would take up more volume.

Long answer that is over thought to the point of near uselessness: A kilogram is unit of mass. The weight of an object is equal to its mass times gravity and even on Earth there are local variations in gravity so dependant of the locations of the two object one kilogram of a matter could weigh more than another.


But one kilogram of steel is heavier than one kilogram of feathers, right?


A kilogram is equal to a kilogram regardless of the material. A kilogram of a heavier material would just take up less space than a kilogram of a lighter material like feathers.

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