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  5. "ghIrIlqa' Ho' wo'rIv."

"ghIrIlqa' Ho' wo'rIv."

Translation:Worf admires Grilka.

January 1, 2019



still a better love story than twilight


Ive typed exactly the what it says the correct answer should be and it still come up as incorrect which means i cant move on. Its very frustrating


I didn't see any error reports, so I can only guess what your problem might have been. Make sure to hit the report flag in situations like this. A screen shot can also be helpful. Do you have a screen shot?

As for my guess what your problem might have been... Since it can be hard to see the small curl at the bottom that differentiates I and l, I'm going to guess you might have been using l (lower case L) in places where you should have used I (upper case i). If you're reading this in an email, you probably don't have the small curl at the bottom of the l, but if you go to the forums, you will be able to see it. ghIrIlqa' has 3 syllables: ghI which has an I (capital i), rIl which has an I (captial i) in the middle and l (lower case L) at the end, and qa'. wo'rIv has an I (capital i) between the r and v.

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