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I worked months during the holidays

I've lowered my level from Crasy to normal to keep my days

January 1, 2019

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You are right, Geslin, which does not prevent you to do more and becomes pleasant because it's "your" choice, not an obligation...



I am having fun with diluogo and I wish to make the tree in all directions until I converse in English



For sure you will achieve your goal ! :)


Good luck with your learning, but remember that the brain needs time (and repetitions) to remember things. I hope that by wanting to go faster you will not be fed up or bored before having absorbed all the stuff. Some people say the English tree is easy, it might be easier than others but in any case it is not a piece of cake. Chi va piano va sano... ma lontano.


i am right with you thank you and happy new year

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