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Silver League: What is it?

Hi all. I recently joined and I am hooked! On my phone I can see that I am in "Silver League" but I can't find any info on Leagues here. What exactly does it mean? Arigato!

January 1, 2019



I never used clubs, but the leagues got me hooked. You start out in bronze, and can advance through silver, gold, zafire up to the top league whose name is yet to be revealed to me. When you complete an exercise in a client that supports leagues, you are placed with 50 other people, seemingly regardless of their target language. The 10 with most XP advance to the next league, the 5 with the least XP go back to the previous league.

However, a fatal design flaw has appeared in my league this week. Any XP you get on duolingo, regardless of client and language, goes into your week's score.

For me that is a native Norwegian speaker and a fluent English speaker, this means I could do the exercises for English speaking Norwegian learners to gain XP rapidly by unlocking new levels. I wouldn't learn much, of course, but I would advance to the next league.

This seems to be happening, because now the 10th place has 10000 XP and the 1st place has 26200 XP. While this might be possible to achieve while learning a new language, it seems more likely to be XP grinding of some sort. Also, the names of the top people and the languages they have most experience in supports my theory.


The cheating is really demoralizing. I try hard and then see that some are getting 10,000 xp a day. It really just takes the competitive spirit out of it. I have gotten around 1000 on heavy use days and even 2,000 one time. The 2,000 was when I tested out of some things, but I thought that testing out didn't give you xp at that time. It made me feel bad for doing it because I didn't realize it was upping my score on the leader board. Either way the cheaters should be routed out and given a time out. I think 500-1000 xp a day should dang near give you top 10 every time. I'm not asking for anything special just that the cheaters that get 4-10,000+ points in a couple hours every day get booted.


I wouldn't worry about people cheating in leagues. Don't lose sight of what Duolingo is for, ie learning a language. If leagues motivate people, that's great, but wanting to improve language mastery should always be the biggest motivation IMO.


Well stated. My advice: Achieve your league goal once then drop it and get back to improving your language skills. The idea of competing with other learners is exhilarating at first but is not the point of what we're all doing here.


It should be leagues per language :)

Like if I am learning Japanese then all the people who know English are learning Japanese should be put in one category.

And just show them personally all these stats :)


I think there are many different groups of people per language. Considering there are over 350,000,000 language learners using Duolingo, I'm not seeing so many people in my league as are subscribed to the same course. I'd be rather intimidated to compete against millions of people, to be honest. It might be too intimidating and end up reducing my motivation rather than increasing it. >.>;

[deactivated user]

    @Usagiboy7 - I think Chinmay-Sing was not suggesting putting EVERYONE from a given category together, just to have all the people in a group of 50 be from the same category. Those learning clingon get to be in a group of 12, fine.


    i agree with @chinmay-singh ! also, it'd be great if there were more interactions that are possible. or if duo brought back the clubs, have the option of being put until a club with strangers and work together or smth idk

    [deactivated user]

      I am learning spanish and thier are a lot of people learning spanish. if there are 5000 people on duolingo and 2000 of them are learning spanish then will I be with 2000 people which seems really hard and then someone is learing Kilingon and is competing with 12 people.


      I agree. Learning a new language is the goal :) It should be a fun experience. Focus more on maintaining your streak and don't stress about earning 1000XP per day. I have a feeling the idea behind Leagues is to keep us all tethered, lol.


      I agree. I am currenly working on arabic, did not test well on their tests so they put me on letters as a beginning. Have been ripping through those the last few days, which put me at the top but if you know it mostly already it does not take long to get a few hundred points. Might spend an hour total per day which is maybe 800-1000 points. Have not seen anyone doing any better but it depends on the bunch of 50 you are in. Will drop back to last place when I get to the harder levels, or switch back to turkish...


      Gronyteen, I agree, but also, it can be a little bit of a grind day after day, especially when certain features of a language/grammar are particularly challenging. Then, it's not always a lot of fun. So, to help motivate myself, I set the challenge of making sure I'm in the top 3 (or at least the top 10 to advance). This worked fine until I got to Saphire league. Now, all of the sudden, instead of people earning a couple of hundred points per day, they're "earning" (I use the term loosely) over 1,000. So, I feel that since I'm not interested in 'cheating' by practicing a language I'm already fluent in, I loose out on that nice motivational technique.

      • 2349

      Exactly, on my best day I had almost a thousand XPs, but not many-many thousands... Who can do such :)


      your a duolingo god

      [deactivated user]

        How do you have a 1743 day streak???


        Gosh can't believe how many XP you own :-o


        Woah you're good!


        I agree. The cheating takes the fun out of everything, and their 'punishment' is a bunch of lingots!


        How do you know it only took them a few hours? How do you know they weren't practicing for 8 hours or more a day? And they have since fixed most of the problem by making testing out of a skill only give you 20exp instead of all the exp for doing all of the lessons within in. Even still, they may be gaming the system, but they're not cheating. and at 10k exp, even if you're getting 100 exp every 5 mins from this method that's still over 8 hours straight.


        I've been on Duolingo recently just as they started the new week's scores. I've immediately done an exercise and then looked at the scoreboard and found that the top scorer had more than 2,000 XP. So how, if not cheating, did that person get 2,000 points in ten minutes? Also, I checked the profile of one user who had over ten thousand points, and his profile said that he was only doing one language (English) and had a total of 2,460 points in that language. So how did he manage to get to 10,000+ points on the league board? Very strange. Once you hit the top league (ruby) you only have to stay in the top 45 to remain there, but that's not as much fun as trying to advance, or gain some silly achievement award. But, even so, Duolingo gets points for trying to provide extra motivation for learners.


        because the points are posted as soon as they are gained, there's no wait till the the points are posted, they are posted as soon as they are gained for yourself as well as other players.


        Dude the real thing is "Speed", I'm pretty new to duolingo it's been seven days i started and that i started on my mobile. I did it for two days spending an hour of time everyday on total i earned Xp less than 1000. On the third day i started using Duolingo on PC and things got easier. I don't use word bank also but still i earn 1000Xp per day in 60-90minutes, It all depends on your typing speed(i can do 60wpm) and i use duolingo in multiple tabs taking three different lessons(people,travel,restaurant) of same language so that i can learn things easier. What if a person is spending 5 hours a day on duolingo he can literally earn nearly 4000+ Xp... Hope this is helpfull.


        Are you saying doing duo in 3 different tabs increases your speed? Or that's just to help you learn more?


        I do at least a thousand per day because I'm doing several languages and have the time - but I how on earth would it be possible to cheat on this..? Using Google translate? That would take even more time than doing the work, surely?


        I agree. Have lingot.


        yeah, there's also an exploit you can do with stories, since each one gives you like 25+ points, so you can just keep repeating the same one and get like 200+ points in like 10 minutes, which is like totally not what I'm doing right now...


        But why would anybody do that unless doing so reinforces some concept? Couldn't anybody just take the same lesson over and over again, never advance past Basics 1 (or whatever a course starts with) and repeat it over and over just to get a higher score? It could be done but what would be the point? The person would have a higher score but would learn nothing.

        If you really want to go under the assumption that some people are cheating in order to get a high score, then feel free to ignore the top two scores, or whatever number you feel is appropriate, and think of yourself as having the high score if you come in third.

        Or you can simply decide that your goal is third because it's an accomplishment, or your goal is the top 10 because you missed it last week, or you were in 7th place last time and you'd like to try for fifth, etc.

        Your goal should be based on how you were doing and how much you feel you should be accomplishing. Or it could be a matter of making sure that you are keeping up a given rate of progress and if you got 550 last week and are at 400 this week, you might want to push a bit more.


        The best comment for this discussion


        this one is frustrating that they mix people studying different languages since some languages don't offer stories


        I don't believe the stories change your place on the leaderboard. Example- I was learning Irish using the regular lessons (only option) and got to first place on the leaderboard, then switched to Spanish, completed three stories, and I had fallen down to 5th without any XP gain since then.


        Stories don't but points do. For the fun of it, and to see how much Spanish I understand these days, and not to get points, I went through some Spanish stories. I'm not studying Spanish right now.

        The result was that I started racking up points faster but ended up with zero crowns for Spanish. So the system was essentially showing no progress.

        The problem that I have with stories is that they aren't tied to specific course levels, so if I pick up some new vocabulary, I won't be drilled on it later.

        I did learn a few things in Spanish but it's questionable whether I will retain it.


        I had close to 40,000 XP's in Spanish before I was entered into the Bronze league. I fought like crazy to get into Silver. I've never gotten more than 1000 XP's in one day, and that's only because I was working at the most primary level and had some background in the language. Now that the content is more challenging, I'm getting around 250-300 XP's a week. At first I was redoing easy lessons just to get the points to remain in my league, but I wasn't really learning anything. At some point, I'll be demoted and removed because I can't compete (point wise) with individuals in the lower levels.


        I get annoyed when I learn so much in a day to get ahead and then after taking a break for a few hours people have like 5 times as much as me!


        I completely support your theory. Buuut, the language I excel in on duolingo is Spanish and I have put a Spanish surname (the surname of one of my favourite actors). I'm actually Thai. Just saying, there are exceptions.


        I don't see the point. It's not as if I can do anything with the ranking. I won't learn any faster. Do I get anything special that helps me learn if my ranking is higher?

        Why would anyone waste time on a language that they know well just for a meaningless score?

        My rank is at the top, as it was in the prior group, but I have no idea who the other people are or why they score lower. It's not as if I can use my score to show off because all anybody knows is that some random person named Wayne has a higher score for an unknown reason.

        I don't have a clue why I'm grouped with anyone else except that I started with zero and so did the others at the time.

        I'm studying three languages. I've studied them all before but started at the beginning.

        I studied French 45 years ago, for four years. I live in the US where I haven't been exposed to French speakers in the interim. It made sense to me to start at the beginning, but I'm moving through fast.

        I started German from the beginning. I had one term of it in college, was in over my head and was surprised to get a C. I knew very little back then so I started from the beginning. But I'm moving through fast.

        I studied Japanese about 25 years ago and couldn't read it at all when I started on Duolingo. I studied for less than one term back then because my work schedule was too chaotic. I'm getting through at a more moderate speed.

        There's nothing unfair about me starting from the beginning. I didn't do so to compete and knew nothing about ranking when I started. But the point is that there are reasons why some people move faster than others and moving more slowly doesn't mean that a person isn't doing well. It's comparing people in disparate groups.


        You get lingots if you are in the top 3. Lingots can buy things that (questionably) help you learn.


        Eh. Having a leaderboard kinda encourages me to learn more because I'm very competitive. I can see why some people wouldn't like it.


        What do you mean by "client"??


        they mean platforms, such as web or mobile app


        It's not just that it's 50 random people. It's not just that they are all studying different languages. It's that it's 50 people whose point count starts at the same time as yours.

        I also noticed that for me at least, the week ends at the same time no matter when I start. If I want to maximize points, in theory I would want to start the instant my points get reset to zero. But if I want to maximize points compared to 49 others who start the week around the same time I do, waiting until the next morning might mean fewer points for the week, but not relative to the others in the group of 50.

        It might mean being pitted against less aggressive people than those who started the week at the first instant it was possible. So the strategy for maximizing your points would be different from maximizing them relative to the group of 50.

        I'd still recommend keeping your streak alive and not skipping a day, but I wouldn't be surprised if in a relative sense, your best shot was to skip almost a week and work three hours straight starting 3 hours before your points reset. But that's an example of picking a horrible strategy for learning a language. So it's probably best to concentrate more on what works best for learning rather than what color or points you see if you click on a tab that takes you away from the lessons.

        It also might mean that being the most aggressive works against your own best interest and trying to work on it every day, keeping your streak alive and not jumping in instantly at the start of the week might help.


        I'm studying Chinese which is really difficult. In the beginning I spent lots of time checking my pronunciation with Google translate and stuff. Now I'm just rehearsing, I can speak it all. I'm working the fastest I can using voice input when typing is needed. I am doing this as fast as I would in a language I already know.


        I am in the silver league, I was yesterday at 10-12 place, today all day I was doing the exercises on 3-4 place. The first is the Hugo 4850 2. Errica 2920 3. Jeze 2340 4. Andrea Adka - my score - 2334 5. Ayllin 1510 6.Ritu Shama 1490 7. Chan 1270


        Also if you use one language and are done with your tree you can't level up or get crowns so your limited. I'm in a league without a lot of high scores. I think I could get to the top league but I haven't paid that much attention to it. Nothings perfect.


        Ruby is the top league.


        It is not. At least not anymore. It seems that there is a lot more after Ruby.


        The leagues' names are bronze, silver, gold, sapphire and ruby.


        top leage is ruby


        Ruby is the top league


        In my time zone, each week goes an hour into Monday. So, i work through the first hour of Monday, very late. Then, on Tuesday I play again and it puts me on a league and at the same time I keep my streak whilst weeding out the people who cheat (those who likely join a league on the monday).


        had 1200xp and it was already daunting :) how much more having 10000xp, thats just crazy!


        the leagues are: Bronze Silver Gold Sapphire Ruby Emerald Amethyst Pearl Obsidian Diamond


        and than.....could it start from the beginning




        the final league is the diamond league I am currently in the ruby league and working to get there and like you am intrigued by the Duolingo leagues.


        I don't like the Leagues thing. Yes, it got me hooked on doing more exercises and earn more XPs, but it's not creative at all. I liked the original club where a few of us composing sentences and even getting to know one another. I hope we'd still have the options of joining the regular clubs.


        I miss the interactions, the writing, the games, the competiveness and or inspiration, my friends, the whole social thing with the old clubs.


        Yeah, it gave us the chance to create real life friends who we could connect with to help each other learn.


        Thanks for posting this! Leagues sound fun, but I hope they don't remove clubs.


        Yeah it is quite motivating for me :) But I'd like to be in a club too! Did you see? We are almost learning the same languages!


        Yup! Pretty close!

        Were you in any clubs before this change? I have a few clubs that I started - so I'm a little nervous now.



        Meep. Advice from the heart, don't get attached to anything on Duolingo. After 5 years, ive learned to assume that every feature will eventually change or be removed.

        The only constant on Duolingo is change. Aka "Every silver lining has an a/b test."

        Just about every veteran of Duolingo has lost at least one feature we dearly loved, if not several.


        "Every silver lining has an a/b test." Ouch lol


        Instead of fixing the problems in the sentences and the actual learning materials, they just add or remove items for "motivation"


        That's actually pretty terrible. They should listen to their users, not act like despots and go changing everything...


        Despots, RoodneyFel? Kind of a harsh thing to say for a service that most people don't pay for..


        Nope, Although I made an account a few years ago, I just started 1 week ago.


        They’re gone, mate. I’m so sad.


        Cool! What is in the rocket ship icon on the far right?


        That is where the PLUS features are located :)


        I think it's cooler than clubs. Clubs are ok, but there are a lot of inactive users, so there are some ghost clubs/clubs with poor interaction. But the league system is different, because the more you level up, there will be more active users with a similar level, so it's way better to ask questions or just practice with other active learners. I've been in some groups and their life time seems to be very short.


        How can you interact with people in the league? I was forced into one. Is there a way to get out? Thanks.


        'Discuss' remains to be the only way to interact.


        I'm in a league too! (Andriod). I don't see an option for clubs & I don't miss it. I've joined/exited clubs in the past, just never cared for it. I'm currently in Bronze league w 1 day left before advancing to the next league. This competition aspect has definitely increased my playing. If not just to find out what happens throughout the league process. Bronze league: has 50 participants - competition lasts for several days (7 maybe?). Lingot rewards to the top 3, but top 10 xp earners advance to the next league. You can be notified if you get bumped from the top 10- so you can learn/fight for advancement. Also, if you click on anyone's name you can see what they are learning & "follow" them.


        Hi, is it possible to interact like in the club, or is it without that feature?


        Hey YarkoRab. I don't see any options of interacting unfortunately!


        You can check out their profile and follow them however.


        Leagues serves nothing. There's no interaction whatsoever with others. What's cooler about it? I'm learning to get better for myself and don't need to see points of others. Club gave you chance to practice more.


        It's a thing to make people ask questions, apparently.


        I am learning Scottish Gaelic, at end of the week when leagues change you do not move up with the same people. But I have yet to be in a league with someone doing same language

        Obviously people learning English, Italian, Spanish, French , German etc will often be populating the league

        I have joined the Duolingo Scottish Gaelic Face Book page which is interesting and fun

        The other thing I can’t work out is even you have 3 friends how you communicate


        Personally, I don't like "Leagues"


        I created a club so that all my family could join, but their apps have the leagues. Is there a way for them to opt out of the leagues so that they can join my club?


        Now that's something that they really should focus on... instead of adding features while removing other features...


        Sorry that this might be months too late, but you can sign up to make a Duolingo classroom, which has a bunch of features similar to the club system, even if you're not actually using it for school: https://schools.duolingo.com/


        I'm one of those who is now in a league, but I find the numbers on my leaderboard keep changing (more so than because people are just practicing). Yesterday I had 10 xp, and my leaderboard was filled with other people with 0-20, and the 3 winners each had 40. However, when I did one exercise it changed from everyone having 10-40xp and and the 3 leaders having over 200. How did everyone change so quickly? If I do lots of exercises everyone else seems to too, so I stay around 20th place, but last night when I didn't do any for 12 hours neither did anyone else and I only dropped to 27th. Is anyone else experiencing this?


        Disculpe que le responda en español. Yo pienso que van a configuración borran su progreso en un idioma en el que estas personas son fluentes y toman el examen muchas veces. Así pueden ganar 3500 xp o más. En otras palabras, están compitiendo, mas no aprendiendo.


        Do you think, you can have life by joint league and keep in around 10 rank ? It's hard. You must sacrice your time!! I join silver league now. The 1st rank in my club with 1000 XP already in a day. What they do ? They might not have anything to do in life then Duo league ? Not working ? The competition here is crazy. And I was forced to join because Duo has thrown me in the club. Just trying to be a goood learner. :)

        [deactivated user]

          This actually looks like a nice change, perhaps they are trying to implement leaderboards, like those we've got on the duome website.


          It could be a nice addition. But I don't want it to replace clubs.


          Same. Competing with randoms isnt my thing, but my group of 4 friends in a club was heaps motivating to beat each other. So clubs was more useful for me than leauges ever will be but I've been switched and cant compare my scores now even if I still get notifications when passed, I cant tell by how much.


          And you can ask questions in a club, which is great. There's more value to clubs than just a leader board.


          Hi AmyLesac & Micah891366 I belong to one of the clubs for English from Japanese course. I joined the club just before the Crown system was introduced last year. The club provided a wonderful opportunity to discuss our initial concerns, and to motivate each other to achieve our goals and milestones. I find the conversation with other members so uplifting.


          Competing with randoms is intriguing. Especially to see who is crazy enough to rack up thousands of XPs in a couple of days.


          I can see my friends' scores when I click on my profile; maybe you can too.


          Whaaat I was in the Sapphire league and accidentally updated the application, now the leagues have disappeared and I'm inside the club!!


          The clubs are WAY nicer.


          I love the new leagues, but the clubs had a distinct advantage of interactions; some of these were very nice and also quite helpful.


          I don't understand these stupid league things. I think I'll just learn Spanish instead


          I don't know. I am wondering the same question


          I do not like the idea of mixing languages, whilst I really struggle hard to learn Turkish, I would easily get these xp in Italian or Spaninish.


          how do you exit the leader boards?


          Rather new here...

          How many league levels are there?

          And can one only advance to the next league at the end of a week of finishing in the top 10?


          no, sorry, you have to make it all the way to the top of the leader board to advance to the next league, and by the way which league are you on? Welcome to duolingo


          the leagues are: Bronze Silver Gold Sapphire Ruby Emerald Amethyst Pearl Obsidian Diamond


          I am in the amethyst league


          I am in Obsidian League


          There are 10 leagues.


          Leagues are there to motivate you to learn languages, not just gain XP. Through XP, your rank in the leaderboard becomes higher and the Top 15 advance to the next league while the Bottom 5 get demoted (except the Bronze League). There are 10 Leagues and I quote "Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Obsidian, and Diamond"


          no it is the top ten not fifteen



          Could you post a screenshot so we can see what you're looking at? And, are you using Android or iOS app?


          Hey. How can I attach a screenshot? Don't see any options available for that :) I'm on Android.


          My phone has an option for me to take a screenshot. But, from one model of phone running Android to the next it's different. I'd look up instructions online because ours probably won't match. Once I take a screenshot, I email it to myself. Then, I upload it to imgur.com. I right click and copy the link and share it in the forum. I hope that helps! :)


          Thanks! See above :) - or below... haha.


          Okay, it seems cool and motivating. Do we have an answer what is that? And how to reach it?


          It looks like an amped up leaderboard. We reach it if we're sorted into the a/b test. We cant voluntarily opt in or out though.


          Thanks! By the way, a little off topic question: I see so many of you guys in this conv have some rank (some of you really high) in Japanese. How does it work? Can you use it the same way like any other language? It may seem silly but I am really wondering if it is applicble the same way and how to practice and understand...


          This question of mine is certainly valid for Chinese and Korean and the ones which are grammatically far from your mother tongue and English and so on.


          Wait, I see that you have Duolingo Plus. Maybe that is the reason.


          Nope I had it from before I got PLUS. Still no-one knows :) Exciting ! Haha


          Yeah, it really is cool! :) By the way, why did you decide to go for the Plus? I mean, I do not see any other purpose then support this cool project - which makes absolut sense, but somehow I still have not decided yet...


          I got a Plus subcribtion because I invited a friend who then joined :) So I have 7 days free. It's nice not to have the advertisements - really nice! But otherwise I don't see much point in having the Plus subcribtion. Coz either way you support the project right? Either by subscribtion or from advertisement revenue.


          I opted for PLUS when I traveled where internet service was scarce and was able to download lessons which allowed me to maintain my daily study objectives


          Plus - you're directly supporting. - you have the option to download courses so you can do offline.


          Why is this thread not located in the generic "Duolingo(English)" sub-forum?

          Please move it!

          Any language forum like "Japanese" is only related to the language, but not for discussing Duolingo web or mobile app features.


          I was in the silver league and doing really well and now it's suddenly disappeared! It seems it has been replaced by 'clubs'. How do I get it back? It has kept me motivated all week and I have no interest in the clubs :( I'd be very grateful to anyone who could help me out!


          Did you find the way? I had the same problem. As soon as I've left the club, I started to see the league again :)


          Hi, what are all the leagues?


          How can i be in a league?


          You're automatically in a league, but if you don't participate actively, you're most likely in bronze


          yeah, thats true, i just noticed it also


          I am curious about this too. I see the league competition on my phone but not on desktop. I much prefer to practice duo on desktop because of the typing aspect. But it doesn't even look like my desktop points translate to activity on my phone league!


          "The XP earned via web are counted only after the player begins the competition via app." https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/League

          "Each user is assigned to a league that consists of 50 random participants of a common rank who earned their first XP of the week at a similar time."

          I was at French level 20-something when I finally decided to check out the League competition. I do all my lessons on my laptop.

          Here's what I did: I downloaded the DL app (Android), then did a couple of lessons on my phone. The DL lessons on Android app are terribly dumbed-down. I do lessons daily on my laptop.

          The Bronze League scoreboard then showed up on the DL window on my laptop. After I earned a bunch of XP that week, I saw my name on the scoreboard at the bottom.

          XP are counted towards the competition ONLY after you do a lesson in the app. So be sure to do that first lesson on the app on Sunday (the competition start date) -- otherwise any XP you previously earned on your desktop/laptop won't count towards that week's competition.


          I want to know the same thing please

          [deactivated user]

            do the leagues only work on the android version? I can't find it on the laptop, it doesn't seem to be there


            How do I join a league?


            One problem I have is that all of my friends in school have the League feature on Duolingo. However, my League feature is nowhere to be seen. Can anyone help me find where the League feature is?


            You're on the silver league. It's on the very top


            I have also no idea how these leagues function. There is no rhyme or reason to them. They are just idiotic. Among my peers I have the highest number of xps, one of the most crowns and one of the longest periods of learning. But I am in the lowest league. So what is the criterion? I think perseverance in learning a language should be rated among the highest as it is what really gets you there.


            Just to add. I prefer clubs. If anyone agrees please sign the pe. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-save-duolingo-clubs


            It IS perseverance. Please take a look at my two posts today, which (I hope) will explain "how" to increase the likelihood that you'll be among the 50+ random students who get to compete each week in the Bronze competition. (And every level reached thereafter.)


            My whole family is on Duolingo and only my parents are in leagues. How can i enter a league. BITTE


            You have to complete 10 lessons on mobile.


            thebrain- I don't think you have to be on mobile. I use the desktop version and was automatically added.


            From: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/League:

            "The XP earned via web are counted ONLY AFTER the player begins the competition VIA APP."

            "Each user is assigned to a league that consists of 50 RANDOM participants of a common rank who EARNED THEIR FIRST XP of the WEEK AT A SIMILAR TIME."

            Please excuse the caps - just wanting to emphasize two points:

            1. The competition starts every Sunday, so don't wait until Tuesday to earn your first XP of the week. Doing it Sunday, as early as possible, should increase your chances.

            2. You must do those first lesson(s) on the App. I started competing 3 weeks ago and I don't recall having to do 10 lessons. The app is terrible, and I switched back to my laptop asap.


            How do I click button to enter league


            Does anyone know, is there something awesome you get if you win the first place in the top league? That would be awesome. Also, does first place get the twenty lingots once the two days are up? Right now I'm at the top of Bronze League!!


            I started yesterday in my Bronze league and there are obviously many many many Bronze Leagues cause I'm in third place in my league and you are not on the top of this one - and my wife is in 11th in her Bronze league and I-m not in hers - nor are you - and I thought the league might be by language studied but its not cause when I change to Spanish or German I am in the same location in my Bronze league independent of which language I choose


            I wonder if there is any hope that perhaps they would seed the leagues with folks studying the same language - I am in Silver now (moved up from Bronze yesterday) and I think I am the only one in this particualr league who is studying Russian as their primary language - not much fun not being able to compete with my friends who are studying other languages as well but even worse to not have a single person in the league studying the same language for competitive purposes - I'm not saying one language is harder or easier than another (although that is most certainly the case) but it would be much more fun to have a bunch of folks to compete with who are (at least) studying the same language.


            When do you get Leagues


            I just got it a few days ago. So, I think they are still rotating people into test groups before they decide whether to roll it out to everyone or keep tinkering with it.


            i am currently in bronze league but am 272 xp ahead of second place then every body else is only 1-5 xp apart


            Personally, I think that all these clubs, leagues, xp competitions/prizes could be somewhat destructive. We have to remember why we are here - TO LEARN A LANGUAGE! Who cares about these bonuses, xp's or any virtual degree. What should really matter is whether we have managed to learn something new from today's practice.


            Yes, the league does nothing to me. I work on the goal of taking at least one lesson per day -- which doesn't really work in conjunction with a league.


            I didn’t know about the leagues and then a few days ago it popped up and I was about 20th or something. Now I am number one because I worked really hard to see how much I could do. Is there any info anywhere about the leagues? How did I suddenly get the league competition on my page and see that I was 20th?


            I don't really see the point of the leagues. Duolingo should be about learning and not about getting more xp than others. I do a lot of lessons because I want to learn and I easily progressed to the highest league. But I have seen people who have a huge amount of xp and very few crowns. It would suggest that they just keep doing the easy lessons to gain xp. Anyone can do that, but what do you learn from it?

            I much preferred the clubs, at least you could make friends with some of the people and help each other. The leagues just seem pointless to me.


            If you get to the final round in the terny, do you have to place first to win? And if you tested out to get XP, that is kind of lame because you are not actually learning. Get my drift?


            If you get to the final round in the terny, do you have to place first to win? And if you tested out to get XP, that is kind of lame because you are not actually learning. Get my drift?


            what league is after ruby?


            I have a kind of off-topic quiestion. What do you actually win? If you get to the last league what do you win? ( ruby leauge I think that is )


            hi all! i just got into this leauge and I was wondering do you get to keep your xp when you get into the next level leauge? because I worked hard for mine and i really wouldnt want it to go to waste if i level up.


            You can't keep it. Nobody gets to. After the week is up, everyone starts fresh. :)


            You keep it in the sense that it's part of your running total. If you find your name in the listing for people in the league, and click on it (or touch it) you will see your cumulative XP but it won't affect your weekly score. That will start at zero each week.

            So if you work your way up to Ruby, have 5000 points at the end of the week and are 1000 points ahead of anybody else, and you check your score at the end of the week, but five minutes after it becomes the next week according to Duo, you will see a score of zero, still be in the Ruby league, and it won't be any different had you been anywhere in the top 45, except that your cumulative score will rise. You might have no clue what your rank for the week even was, or Duo might give you a message on your phone if you had been number 1, but leave you with nothing to remember it by.

            So it's not really wasted since there's a running total. It's not a competitive advantage, but it shows you that you've been making progress.

            But you also have to consider your language learning goal. If your weakness is spelling and you want to learn how to use a Japanese keyboard, it might be best to turn off the word bank, learn the keyboard, get fewer points, but learn more of what you need. That might lower your points for the week but might teach you more.

            Or if you are a bit weak and want suggestions, the word bank might help you through the process of elimination, and might be faster than typing. That can increase your score.

            Or if you are somewhat strong but want to work on your pronunciation and accent, you might turn word bank off, think of the answer and spelling in your head, click the microphone icon on your keyboard, and see if it types what you expected when you say it. It might be wrong even if you pronounce things correctly, or might be wrong because your pronunciation is off, but if your pronunciation is good and there's no ambiguity, it might speed things up tremendously and earn you lots of points.

            So remember that your goal is to learn a language, not score points. So the best strategy could be one that gets your fewer points, and the one that gives you the most points might short change you if your pronunciation is good, your spelling is terrible, and you don't concentrate on your weakness. So don't make points your goal and end up with a strategy that's not in your best interest.


            unfortunately, no




            yea these leagues are so cool im also in the silver league i really want to know whats next i think its gold


            I love the concept of leader boards. I'm definitely more motivated now to keep up with it.


            How does someone get 24,000 xp since Sunday... there has to be some cheating going on


            it is like a friendly competition for you to test your skills

            [deactivated user]


              How do i post something


              I have a similar question, i know how the leagues work, but i don't know what you get from the chests if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place?


              you get 30 lingots!


              Alguien que me ayude a saber como desbloquear los cuentos ?


              Although I have been in top ten for two weeks...in Ruby league....I get notice that says, "Sorry......."....I don't advance to next....aside from competitive nature of it...what's the point of advancing to next league?


              well maybe you are in the old league where you get: bronze silver gold sapphire and ruby


              fur sum reesun, i wus in da tap fifteeen but i didnt get too da naxt leeg


              spell your words properly


              Yeah if you want to learn a new language getting 10,000 xp a day would make me have less fun going on duolingo. I normally do about 400 a day and complete a few lessons.


              i dont know much myself but i to am addicted to the league


              So basically, leagues are like ranks. Once you complete a lesson that week, you get put on a leaderboard with 50 other Duolingers. Now, if you're in about the middle of the rankings when the week ends, you stay in that league. If you're in the top... I believe 15? You get to go to the next league. If you're in the bottom 15 then you go back to the league you were in before. Also, if you're in the top 3 you get a special bonus.


              What im confused about is that do you have to be higher than place 15 in the world to advance to gold league.


              that is because you need to finish in the top 10


              Top of Bronze League : 11 O clock! MJBaek2


              You need to complete lessons to unlock the leader board of a specific leauge


              the leagues are where you can get promoted or relegated, just like football


              i think it is just for fun not but do you know how to get to the silver league


              How do I get into the Sliver League?


              How do I get into the Sliver League?


              How do I get into the Sliver League?


              How do I get into the Sliver League?


              hey all i need lingots



              I started the Scottish Gaelic course at beginning of September 2020. Back in the early 1990’s I did Scots Gaelic for 1 year and also joined the London Gaelic choir who I sang with for about 5 years , this meant I learnt song words in Scots Gaelic , how to pronounce them , but not always translated to English .

              I decided having listened to Gaelic traditional singers that I preferred that form of singing rather than choral. So I went to the annual traditional singing work shop at Gaelic College on Isle of Skye about 4 times . I dropped out of Gaelic singing before 2000 as I moved into world music

              I discovered Duolingo at the beginning of this month. I had been looking at Klingon!

              I was intrigued that Scottish Gaelic was offered and to see how much I would remember so began at the beginning.

              It’s really strange when I hear a word read to me in a sentence and it triggers in my memory that word used in a line of a song. From that I have then had the tune and snatches of the song come back to me

              So maybe I will at least sing to my friend who speaks the language in due course!

              So it’s not about league tables for me

              I also go back to the Bronze league lessons at times and see what I can do without looking at my notes


              Go to https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/League to find out what is a league and league info.


              Olisebirk, Silver League is the second league after Bronze League and before Gold League.


              How do you go on the Silver League


              I liked the old system with clubs where everyone was learning the same language. You could banter back and forth in your new language, and I thought it was more motivating than this new league system


              There have been leagues since I joined in September 2020, I did all of them, got to Diamond league and steamed myself to get gold, get my shield thing

              I now potter around doing lots of revision , I don’t aspire to top 3 positions but I encourage others in their learning by this , as they have to jump me to get a shot at top 4 positions


              Scottish Gaelic Duolingo has two FB sites one is more banter than the other - in our course Iain appears in many sentences doing all sorts of stuff , underpants ( theft, lack of) feature as does his being hit on head by Mairi with a book or being naked on top of Ben Nevis ( mountain )


              I am first place and still, in the bronze league how would I go into the silver league?

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