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Is there a way to view more documents to translate?

When I click the "Translations" tab, I'm presented with four documents; however, sometimes I don't like the documents (skill level, poor document, whathaveyou) and would like to try translating other documents. Is there a way to access more than the four presented there and the two within the lessons?


July 12, 2012



I haven't found a way, and I think it would be good to make articles more accessible. The only 3 ways I know of to find new articles are:

  • up to 4 articles in the translation section; you have to either complete an article, or wait a while before another one appears

  • go through the skills to see up to 2 relevant articles; they also change from time to time, and completing an article may pop a new one

  • check your stream for translations by people you're following


There's also a thread on the Duolingo subreddit for sharing articles: http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/wif39/article_exchange_helping_you_find_articles/

Currently it's all Spanish -> English.


I think the only other way to find articles is by following links in other people's streams. When someone translates a sentence, a link to the article will be in their stream. For instance, I see that you recently translated 1 sentence in "Ensalada de alcachofas con foie y queso," and I can access that article from your stream.

There ought to be a better way to do this, but I don't believe there is at the moment.


I think there is a recent change here, and not for the better. You used to get more (12?) documents to choose from. I hope DuoLingo rethink this.

Meanwhile, try just doing a sentence or two from any old document, then going back to the translations tab.


Sometime different articles appear if you rate the displayed articles with the frowning face and refresh the screen.


Thanks everyone for your responses. The reddit thread looks great for finding new articles and much more interesting ones. I'm sick of looking at fashion and cars!

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