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"I will meet you there tonight."

Translation:DaHjaj ram pa' Saghom.

January 2, 2019



Does part of the course get into time of day rather more in depth? I honestly have no idea why 'DaHjaja ram' means "tonight", or how to make it 'tomorrow night' or 'this morning' or anything.

This actually makes 'DaHjaj ram' really difficult to remember, because there is no context; I don't know why it means what it means.


You will learn more later. For the moment:
DaH means "now"
jaj means "a full day" (generally dawn to dawn)
ram means "night time"

You cannot always break down words so logically, but in this case DaHjaj matches pretty close to "now-day", in other words "today". Yesterday and tomorrow are formed in a completely different manner, so we'll leave those for later. DaHjaj ram is a simple noun-noun construction ("today's night time" or "tonight").


Ah. Well, thanks. :)

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