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Correct spelling of Maui

I had always thought that Maui was spelled with an ʻokina, Mauʻi but have just noticed in these lessons the ʻokina is absent. I do see it spelled with an ʻokina on the internet sometimes and had always assumed itʻs absence was in error just like it isnʻt always present in Hawaiʻi.

January 2, 2019



I looked on Wehewehe Hawaiian dictionary and found a digitized dictionary that I skimmed through, I found no entry for mau'i but the island name is Maui (or a sweet potato when not capitalized) and the demigod name is Māui (can also be the name of a star). Google search also gave me nothing on Mau'i.


Thanks. That was what I kept coming up with so I thought I would ask the experts.

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