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  5. "Saya mau turun ke bawah."

"Saya mau turun ke bawah."

Translation:I want to go down.

January 2, 2019



"Turun ke bawah" - can turun be used witout "bawah"? In the word "turun" there is already an indication of "going down" so why is "ke bawah" used here?


Good question. I want to know that too.


Yes you can say it without ke bawah.


It seems to me that "

  • "ke bawah" adds another layer of specificity. If I were in the crow's nest of a ship and wanted to go from there to below deck, I would probably say "Saya mau turun ke bawah." Your thoughts?


This is interesting. In Dutch, like English, this sounds unnecessarily repetitive, but in Arabic we can also say "Anzilu ila ttaht". 'Anzilu' means 'I go down' and 'ila at-taht' means 'to the lower spot, to down*'. So you also say it twice. And you can only say 'anzil', 'I go down'. Arabic is really helping me a lot to understand Indonesian, not just vocabulary, but also the formation of sentences.


Nothing said about stairs, from a hill you wouldn't go downstairs


Why is wrong "I want to go downstairs."?

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