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Suggestion: More Trophies and/or Badges for achievements to make Duo lingo more rewarding and even more addictive

The new update that has just come out has made Duo Lingo a little less video game esque to me, with the lack of hearts (lives) and trying to permanently master a lesson (level) a master a skill (world).

I dont exactly disagree with the changes but i do feel like it has lost some of its charm it used to have. So i came up with an idea in another thread and thought i might post it here.

I think that Duo Lingo should have Trophies or Badges like so many modern video games have, and i dont mean trophies like we already see with Duo Lingo, we need more!! Anyone who plays enough video games will understand what i am talking about. So basically you get a different looking badge for each achievement you unlock, examples of such achievements could be.

  • finished all lessons in a skill/tree/language with full hearts --

  • completed a lesson in under (some amount of minutes) -

  • Completed a (or 10/20/30) speed practice round -

  • completed 100 lessons - 200 lessons - 500 lessons etc. -

  • translated (however many) sentences -

  • 'grand master of French/spanish/german Trophy' completed every lesson in a language with full hearts. -

  • completed the skill tree for 1/2/3/4 languages, -

  • etc. there could be so many different ones ranging from easy to achieve, to difficult, to time consuming -

With these Badges or trophies they should all look a little different, in each users profile it should have all their achievements they have unlocked, as well as how close they are to the other achievements. this way you can show off your achievements.

What i think would be a very good idea to make you want to achieve more is the ability to show off the achievements, so kind of like the way Duo Lingo Experts have the Blue ring around their profile and the star under their image this is how we can all show off our 'badges', and you can choose up to three of the achievements you are most proud of to be on display every time you make a comment.

I think Duo Lingo should seriously consider this as a tool to get more and more people using and staying with Duo Lingo. Duo Lingo seems to benefit the most out of translators, so imagine if you rewarded people with amazing badges that they could display for their translating achievements and for this Duo Lingo would benefit big time if done right.

---One thing is, and it should go without saying but there should be NO achievements or rewards for how often you post on threads, or how up voted your comments are, this will only make more and more people post pointless and useless comments that do not help anyone learn and clog up the threads which will make it much harder to find the answer or comment you are looking for.

i cant see why this wouldn't improve what you already have going, most users will find it fun and exciting and as long as its not forced on users to choose badges and colours for their profile then people who are not into it wont really have it effect anything they are already used to.

April 5, 2013



I do think gamifying Duolingo is a good idea, as I posted in another thread, a translators global leaderboard could add some extra sense of competition that could be nice. You have to be careful not to over-gamify the system. Trophies and Badges could be a nice thing to have but for some people they would be just plain distracting. We already have points and levels, friends leaderboard and the Duolingo trophy at the end, I think it is enough.


I'd prefer not to have badges, trophies or rubber ducks. For me, the 'owl of victory' under my skill tree is already too much. But that's just my personal opinion. If duo decides on implementing this stuff: please do it as unobstrusively as possible...


I wouldn't want Duo Lingo to force it on anyone, i'd rather not have it at all than have it like that. it should just be another tab right after the 'iphone' tab at the top, and if you dont do anything with it, it wont become intrusive, maybe it should also have an option where you can make visible or hide the achievement rewards. We have points and levels at the moment, we used to have lives. I think this would be a great way to make people more competitive with their friends and not drop out of the learning process like im sure many people do after a skill or two, it would also make it easier to get your friends on board and keep them here so you can practice with them as well as compete with them.


I agree. Achieving the perfect score by finishing with three hearts took me JUST ABOUT the required amount of times to finally get it, as it took for the lessons and grammar bits to stick in my head. Achievments and 'trophies' are another fun prospect too, that could add on to the plain score rating applied to each person.

The same way you said you don't totally disagree with the changes is the EXACT way I feel about it. My only 'issue', if I have one, is that before the change I knew I had to get a perfect score to finish teaching myself a particular lesson via repetition. Now, it is very easy to move on to another lesson, and eventually I might find myself equally 'not fully' taught over many lessons which I easily scraped through.


I do understand you point, but aren't we on this website to learn the language in the first place? I mean, why make it even more as a game, when you simply want to learn something? I don't need any of those 'rewards' to make it fun: the fact that I'm progressing in a language is to me even more attractive. Plus, I really dislike those screens that you learned or mastered a skill. It's pretty distracting!


That's what I mean, Duolingo has a very strong intrinsic motivation (learning a language), I guess it doesn't make much sense to add way too much extrinsic motivators. They may backfire.

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