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"Kūʻai au i lole ma ke kūʻaiemi."

Translation:I buy clothes at the sale.

January 2, 2019



Kūʻai au : One of the many pleasures and difficulties of studying Hawaiian is how the sound of one word follows into the second word blending the two words into one sound. Example: (Kūʻaiau)


I buy the clothes at the sale versus I buy clothes at the sale is kinda strange sounding


Luckily it accepts both. I used "I buy clothes at the sale"


I used "I buy clothes on sale" and was wrong. How is that different?


Your sentence is describing what kind of clothes you buy (clothes that are on sale) while the original sentence is describing where you are buying the clothes (at the sale).


[I buy the clothes (specific)] = [Kūʻai au i nā lole] but [I buy clothes (in general) = Kūʻai au i ka lole].


Previous I was wrong with the use of nā lole and thought lole means clothes. When is it appropriate to use ka lole or nā lole?


How can I say, I will buy clothes at the sale. ??

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