"Rehema ni jina la Mkenya."

Translation:Rehema is a Kenyan name.

January 2, 2019

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I just want to take a moment and thank the contributors of Swahili. Thank you for the effort and the perseverance to help us learn albeit all the criticisms you read in the comment section. We are all very thankful for the work you have done. Asante nyote


This follows the pattern of "Juma ni jina la mtanzania. " Why doesn't it mean "Rehema is the name of the kenyan"?


That should also be accepted. I'd say jina la Kikenya for "Kenyan name"

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    I would also say "jina la Kikenya." Unfortunately, the actual sentence is false or misleading, since there is nothing particularly "Kenyan" about the name Rehema. A much better example would have been, "Rehema is a woman's name." (jina la mwanamke OR jina la kike). Likewise for Juma. There is nothing particularly Tanzanian about the name Juma. Much better would have been "Juma is a man's name." (jina la mwanamume or jina la kiume).


    What does the "la" mean?


    'of', as in 'Name of a Kenyan'


    I'm still dont understand about swahili structure sentence. Especially for this sentence. Can someone explain to me ?


    This is crazy cant this be Rehema is a Kenyan name.


    Guys, keep in mind that the structure of the phrases in english and Swahili is different. It means that the name comes from Kenya.


    Can't this also be "The name of the Kenyan is Rehema" ?

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      I guess it could be. But I think it is an unlikely way to say it. I think it would be more common to hear something like "Jina la Mkenya (huyo/yule) ni Rehema", when that meaning is intended.


      This kind of confused me because in the order of the words it says "Rehema is a name of Kenyan" . Can someone tell me about Swahili sentence structure? Also, thank you to the contributors. I know this was 2 years ago, but I'm really glad that I can learn Swahili!


      IPA: /ɾɛ'hɛma ni 'dʒina la m̩'kɛɲa/



      Does anyone know why this is different from the others?


      Whar do you mean by different?


      Which others in particular?

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        I put Rehema is a name of Kenya. Isn't that also an acceptable translation?


        I dont understand why la is in the sentence?


        Without 'la', the statement would be ' Rehema is a name Kenyan '.


        my answer was correct


        Ok this confused me


        Be serious, aleast when one does a typo give them a green light

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