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  5. "राज और नेहा भाई-बहन हैं।"

"राज और नेहा भाई-बहन हैं।"

Translation:Raj and Neha are siblings.

January 2, 2019



Do you also say भाई-बहन when you are speaking about two brothers or two sisters? Raj and Peter are siblings -> राज और पीटर भाई-बहन हैं Or is it only applicable for mixed gender siblings?


No , if we are speaking about भाई then we should supposed to prounounce भाई only . For ex : 1. ये मेरे भाई है। 2. ये मेरी बहने है। I hope u will understand ....


भाई means brother बहन and means sister


But in English, "sibling" is gender neutral. Can you only say "Raj and Peter are brothers" in Hindi? Or if you can say "Raj and Peter are siblings", would that still use "भाई-बहन" even though both are male?


I asked an Indian friend now, and she said that "भाई-बहन" is only mixed gender. Two mails are "भाई-भाई" and two female are बहनें .


There is no common words for siblings in Hindi, it's usually "भई-बहन"


That is why I'm asking.


It is surprising that in a language that has so many specific names to describe relationships within the family, that there is no name to define fraternal bonds ! Same thought for parents = father - mother Grandparents = grandfather- grandmother.


Why not translate as what it says, brother and sister?


When u say that they are brothers, u may say either वे दोनों भाई-भाई हैं or वे दोनों भाई हैं though the second alternative is generally preferred. The same is the case with sisters, though the use of बहनें is preferred.

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