"Aamir's parents are from Delhi."

Translation:आमिर के माता-पिता दिल्ली से हैं।

January 2, 2019

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I looked for 'mata-pita' word block but it was not provided so I used parivar/family and of course that was wrong


Yes mata-pita is not there. Thats why i used separate words for mata and pita and also parivar this time. It shows again wrong. Please let me know how to correct separate words as mata and pita into a single "mata-pita" or as "parents"


Danda nahin a raha hai to ham kya Karen


Here is missing se


So when is mother माँ, and when is it माता?


You can use them both, because


You can use both the words because they both have same meaning


and it's incorrect if we use "pita-mata" why?


माता-पिता functions as a compound word of its own in Hindi that takes on the general meaning of 'parents'. Similar compound words are दादा-दादी (paternal grandparents), नाना-नानी (maternal grandparents), भाई-बहन (siblings) etc.

If you connect the words with the conjunction 'and' instead, you are free to use any word order - माता और पिता (mother and father) or पिता और माता (father and mother). You'd be more likely to माँ instead of the more formal माता in such usage though.

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