"आमिर अपने परिवार से प्यार करता है।"

Translation:Aamir loves his family.

January 2, 2019

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Can someone tell me what the literal translation of से is in this sentance..?


With..... Amir loves his family = Amir (is in) love (with) his family


Aamir makes love through his family, or: Aamir makes loving (love) of his family. It doesn't really come out in English until you process it further.


Aamir loves with his family


What would the sentence be for Aamir loves your family? Or the family of somebody else, not his own ?


If it is not required to refer back to the subject, you use the actual pronouns.
Aamir loves your family - आमिर तुम्हारे परिवार से प्यार करता है
Aamir loves his family (where the 'his' is not referring to Aamir) - आमिर उसके परिवार से प्यार करता है


Is करता frequently dropped? I've often heard it from NRIs and in films said without it.


You can't drop करता in this particular sentence.
But it can also be phrased as आमिर को अपने परिवार से प्यार है। Perhaps that is what you heard?


How can I differentiate between "loves" and "makes love with" in hindi?


Though the Hindi phrase से प्यार करता literally translates to something like 'make love with', it just means 'love'.
It has nothing to do with the euphemistic meaning of the English phrase 'make love with'.

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