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  5. "घर की खिड़कियाँ बंद हैं।"

"घर की खिड़कियाँ बंद हैं।"

Translation:The house's windows are closed.

January 3, 2019



Who says "The house's windows"? Please use normal English. Thank you.


Even though this is not normal English, I find Duo's sticking closely to the Hindi syntax in translation is helpful to my grasping how the structure's work. But no one should be using this program to improve his or her English.


Using "home's" instead of "house's" was not accepted. I thought this word meant both, interchangeably.


From other discussions, I believe घर more so means "home" and मकान means "house structure". So I would think "home's" is actually slightly more correct.


CathyIsAwesome: "Home's" should be correct technically. But since it is windows, "house" - which refers to a physical structure - is more appropriate. However since Duolingo has been using home and house interchangeably for ghar, it should have been accepted. CLM922130: Makaan means house, but it could also mean a building or shelter in general.


Why not 'The windows of the house is closed'


'The windows of the house are closed' is accepted

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