"te" and separable verbs

In which cases does separable verb split into parts when used with "te"?

For instance:

1) "Hoelang duurt het om X op te lossen?"

2) "Hoelang duurt het om X te voorkomen?"

"Oplossen" is separated, but "voorkomen" is not.

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"Voorkomen" is not a separable verb, at least not when it means to prevent. It can also mean to occur/exist, in which case it is separable and is pronounced differently (with stress on "voor"). This is a pretty weird exception, to be honest.

A separable verb is always split when used with "te". For example, using the other meaning of "voorkomen":

  • "Deze planten lijken niet in Nederland voor te komen." = These plants do not appear to grow/occur in the Netherlands.

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