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Assignments "pending" and won't get assigned to students

I am trying to assign XP goals to my classes, and for some reason everytime I assign them, they become "pending" for about 20 minutes, and then I go back and it's not assigned, and I again have the option to "assign now" . Also, it gives me some message that new students have joined my class, when I've had the same students for months. I've never had this issue before....any idea what's going on?

January 3, 2019



We have identified an issue related to creating assignments for students that seems to have been active since January 1st. We believe that we have resolved the problem now but you may still need to reassign or recreate any assignments that you made since then. Please file a bug report with specifics on the assignment and classroom if you continue to notice any issues.


Just confirming that the issue is occurring again. I have had this happen on assignments I have posted to my classes over the past 3 days...


The problem hasn't yet been resolved as it keeps happening as well to my classes


Yup! It's all set. Thanks


I've tried creating new assignments each day since Jan 1 and it still doesn't work. t says pending and the kids can't see the assignments. This is true for other teachers in my building as well.

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