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Students' assignment progress is not being tracked!

Please help. I assigned 1000xp to my students, to be done over the course of the semester. Many students are doing the assignment ( I am watching them) and Duolingo is not tracking their progress or even showing that activity has taken place. Please help.

January 3, 2019



Im having the same problem. Assignments that have already been assigned aren't tracking XP, and I can't assign anything new


We have identified an issue related to creating assignments for students that seems to have been active since January 1st. We believe that we have resolved the problem now but you may still need to reassign or recreate any assignments that you made since then. Please file a bug report with specifics on the assignment and classroom if you continue to notice any issues.


This is not a satisfactory resolution. Students would have to start the assignment over (we can't assign retroactively) or the teacher would have to check individual student logs to give credit for work completed under the old assignment. Please continue to work on this!!


It would be super useful if there wasn't a drop-down box for deciding how many XP to assign, but rather a field where we type in a number! The possibility of choices is too limited.


Btw, I have heard that a way to make it start tracking is to have the students log off and then back on. Also not a satisfactory solution, as it causes them to lose their place on the leagues leaderboard. Or at least they have to complete ten new lessons to see the leagues again... that was how the glitch went. But people are afraid of losing their progress!


Same! Please help!

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