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  5. "She looks after my cats."

"She looks after my cats."

Translation:Dia merawat kucing-kucing saya.

January 3, 2019



Why is the doubling of kucing a plural? In earlier samples (maybe not including the word "kucing") made the impression that a noun could represent both singular and plural.


I'd say requiring the reduplication is a bit inconsistent with the rest of the course. Kucing saya should work fine as well I think.


As a broad rule, a noun will be doubled to represent a plural. However, there are a good handful of exceptions. Among other, if you use a number other than zero or 1, plural is implied and the noun does not get doubled. For an further explanation, please see: https://masteringbahasa.com/indonesian-plural-nouns and also the 'plurals' note that comes with the lessons.


Thanks Arkonide, for info and link. I definitely need more lessons and experience. Hopefully I'll catch up/on one of these days.


You are welcome. I am very much a beginner myself.


Having lost many hearts to this, I'm starting to think that we just need to pay attention to the available words... If they give you double words, then use the plural form.


Is it also ok to say 'kucing kucing ku'?


Merawat and meravat Do Indonesians differentiate between w and v as the British do or not?

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