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  5. "she likes turkey and apples."

"she likes turkey and apples."

Translation:Tązhii bitsįʼ dóó bilasáana bił yáʼátʼééh.

January 3, 2019



The dictionary hint says Tąshii instead of Tązhii . which one is OK?


According to the lesson, it si Tązhii ... you can also view the list of words you have seen in the dictionary in "... MORE" above.


Why do you add bit after bilasaana


It's a postposition (Navajo doesn't have prepositions), so it goes after the thing it connects to (the turkey and apples). Bił means "with him/her."

"Bił yáʼátʼééh" literally translates to "It is good with him/her," but more naturally serves the function of "s/he likes it."

The word-for-word translation of this sentence is: Turkey meat and apples, with her they-are-good.


The hint is wrong for turkey


I cant type Navajo. What keyboard can i use. Need the accent marks


https://languagegeek.com/lgwp/keyboards/ has one. It works with the accents, although I had some frustration with the apostrophe. Duolingo only accepts the "modify letter apostrophe" which is different (but looks almost the same) to the regular apostrophe. I ended up tinkering with the keyboard layout file but you can also just copy a modify letter apostrophe to your clipboad and paste it wherever you need it.


I do enjoy that Gboard automatically suggests bilagáana when I type bila... to start writing bilasáana.


This sentence is requiring us to use a period at the end, which should not be necessary, while gramatically correct, it does not help us learn the words. Also, I wrote what the sugegsted translation for turkey was "t(a)s..." and was told it was wrong ... tąshii bitsį' dóó bilasáana bit yá'át'ééh ... this sentence was marked wrong because I did not have a period, and i had the wrong (s) instead of (z)


Also, "bił" is not "bit." It's a slashed L, not a T.


The spelling of the first selected word is with an 's' so it was marked as a typo.

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