More Outfits for Duo!!

I love doing language lessons on Duolingo daily! Thank you for this awesome language-learning resource. :D

I would LOVE to be able to spend my Lingots in the Shop on more Outfits for Duo. So far I've used Lingots to (virtually) purchase the Formal Attire, Champagne Tracksuit, and Super Duo outfits that are available for Duo. I still have over 350 Lingots. That's way more than I need to purchase Bonus Skills or Streak Freezes, especially since I keep racking up more Lingots every day. I read about the Gems, but I don't have them yet, just Lingots so far.

I would really like to see a "Beach" outfit with a surfer shirt, board shorts, and sunglasses for Duo! What about a "Cowboy" outfit for Duo with a cowboy hat, shirt, star, and boots, maybe even a lasso. What other Outfits for Duo can you come up with??!

Also, why can I only see the outfits on Duo on my Android phone, and not on my Macbook when I log into Duolingo there? I wish I could see it on my Macbook, but I am content to at least have his outfits on my phone.

I just really would like to have more outfits to get with my Lingots and have more options of attire to change his outfits. Duo is a rather motivating factor for me in Duolingo! As a grandmother, I'm a "mature" learner with a graduate degree, but I still find Duo amusing and I don't think I'd enjoy the lessons as much without Duo!

January 3, 2019


Gems?? Where can I buy them and how can I use them?

January 3, 2019

Hi Hannah! Today is the first time I've ever gotten on the Troubleshooting forum. I really wanted to post my suggestion/request for more Outfits for Duo in the Store. When I was browsing in the Help section, I saw this article about the new Gems to be launched:

I hope this helps! I can't wait to get Gems!

January 3, 2019
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