"I want to take a shower."

Translation:Voglio fare una doccia.

April 5, 2013

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I think that 'Voglio fare la doccia' should be accepted, I heard it many times in Italy.


I tried it and t is accepted now . .


What are other instances it is correct to say "fare" where a beginner may use another verb by mistake? For example I've seen "Faccio colazione" instead of "mangio" and I'm curious as to why it is said that way. Grazie!


Heh, this is going to be long ^^" A few examples I can think of from the dictionary's list:

  • Fare un sogno: to dream (intransitive)
  • Fare uno scherzo: to play a joke
  • Fare il solletico: to tickle
  • Fare affidamento su qualcosa: to rely on something
  • Fare a pezzi: to break into pieces
  • Fare caso a qualcosa: to notice something
  • Fare colpo su qualcuno: to impress someone
  • Fare la barba a qualcuno: to shave someone's beard
  • Fare fuori qualcuno / Fare la festa a qualcuno / Fare la pelle a qualcuno: to kill someone
  • Fare la morale a qualcuno: to reproach someone
  • Fare presto: to hurry
  • Fare male a qualcuno: to hurt someone
  • Fare mente locale: to pause and collect one's toughts for a moment

All these usages (and many more) are idiomatic, but as the dictionary puts it fare is "verbo di sign. generico, che può esprimere qualsiasi azione, materiale o no, specificata dal compl. o dall'avv." (verb of generic meaning that can express any action, material or not, specified by the (direct or indirect) object or adverb).


Use it to "fare" pretty much everything then :)


Perché non "voglio da fare"?


Why not "Voglio di prendo una doccia" ? I mean un idraulico can use expression like that....


My Italian teacher said to me that if you use the word prendere an Italian would think you literally take the shower from the wall and take it :)


I thought "farsi una doccia" was reflexive and so I assumed it would have to be either "Voglio farmi una doccia" or "mi voglio fare una doccia". Are either of those correct too?


Your sentences are correct. It's just slightly different from the Duo sentence. Yours means to shower or I want to shower, Duo asked to take a shower.

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