"My happy father is singing."

Translation:Ñuha kirine kepa vāedas.

January 3, 2019

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Hello, I am doing a list of verbs, adjetives, nouns and to be meanings and I can see that the verbs has many forms. Can anyone explain me what are the difference between Väedi, Väedis and Väedas?


They are the different persons. It indicates the subject. A verb is conjugated according to person(1,2,3), number(singular,plural), tense(present, perfect, future, etc.), mood(infinitive, indicative, etc.), voice (active, passive)

vāedagon (infinitive)

Present Active Indicative

vāedan - I sing

vāedā - You (Thou) sing

vāedas - He,She,It sings

vāedi - We sing

vāedāt - You sing

vāedis - They sing


Thank you very much!


How is the order of the adjective and the noun? (Kirine kepa or kepa kirine)


You can use either.

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