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Microphone behavior bug

I'm seeing the behavior, that on the voice-input questions, the microphone works on a few questions, but then on some random question, the microphone icon will stay non-clickable (grayed), and I am forced to use the option of not using the microphone, thereby disabling the microphone in the settings, to avoid losing my progress in the lesson.

After the lesson, I then have to go to settings to re-enable the microphone.

I am currently using the latest version of Firefox (29.0.1), but I've seen the same issue while using earlier versions of Firefox, or with Chrome as well.

Kindly look into this glitchy behavior.

May 16, 2014



if the sentences are lllllllloooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg, then i think you just need to wait for the speaker to finish talking, if it's any other problem, then i don't have anything else to say.


Ha ha, I'm not that impatient that I start clicking around even before the speaker has finished. :) The button stays grayed permanently, even after the speaker has finished.


I have a separate, but similar problem that started after I declined to use the microphone one time. The issue is now that certain lessons within a level are blocked. Are these actually related or is something else going on?


Oh , and this was happening on my iPad. I have not yet used the browser-based version to see if this is truly an Apple issue or something else. Please advise.

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