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Leveling up skills

I am brand new to duolingo. My kids started today and so far love it. I already gave them a few assignments from the curriculum. One of the kids had a question and I do not know the answer. I am hoping one of you do. They are all starting at the beginning level. I assigned Basics 1 for them to complete. Then they will have basics 2 to complete. One of them completed basics 1 which showed complete on my screen. They then asked if they should go on to the next level for basics 1 or go on to the next assignment which would be basics 2. I was unsure what to tell them. If they go on to the next level of basics 1 will it show me what they have completed? I saw under create assignment that I can choose level up but the basics assignments do not show in this section. Any tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated!

January 4, 2019



The advice in the English Duolingo Help Center

you don’t have to get to Level 5 right away!

We in fact recommend you don’t get to Level 5 all in one go.

Level 5 is there to show that you have practiced the words in that skill a ton and probably don’t need further practice on it for quite a while. It’s completely optional.

We definitely think we can do a better job of encouraging you not to binge on one skill, though, since that can feel really repetitive.

How can you make the program add new material?

  • Tap on a new skill in "crown level" 0 (purple circle)
  • do all the lessons in that skill until the skill has reached "crown level" 1 (blue circle)
  • tap the next new skill in "crown level" 0 (purple circle)
  • etc. etc.

When are you going to do lessons in skills with "crown level" 1-4?


Your kids will need to do some new material, but they'll also need to revise the stuff they've done already. Revision only works if it's spread out over time. If they get a skill all the way to level five in a couple of days, they'll have forgotten more than half of it by the end of the month.

The best way to time your revision is with a spaced repetition approach. This is something of a good news / bad news scenario:

  • Good news: Duolingo records and calculates a "strength" value for each word you study, so as to calculate when it'll be most effective to revisit a skill.
  • Bad news: For some peculiar reason, Duolingo has chosen to stop displaying this information.
  • Good news: Someone else has made a website to display that information: duome.eu. Here's your page:https://duome.eu/AndreaHair1/progress.

If you keep all of the skills at full strength, you'll find it works really well. Sometimes that means you don't make any progress through the tree for a while - that's fine.

Duolingo takes account of how long it takes you to answer the question, and it takes account of whether or not you "peek" - whether or not you hold the mouse over a word to see what it means. When you can answer the questions quickly and without peeking, the words will decay more slowly.

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