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  5. "We swim every Sunday."

"We swim every Sunday."

Translation:Kami berenang setiap hari Minggu.

January 4, 2019



but i think if there's not "hari" it'll be more like "every week" than "every sunday" cmiiw


"hari" is not mandatory...


As a native indonesian, I can say you don't have to say "setiap hari minggu" You can simply say it as "setiap minggu" but keep in mind, at the same time, every week is also said as "setiap minggu" in Indonesian that's why using "setiap hari minggu" is more recommended. So how to tell the different when someone say "setiap minggu" ? It depends on the context of the conversation. If you want to avoid misunderstanding, you can ask the people who say that to be more precise.


The correct answer is 'setiap Minggu'

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