"Come and drink."

Translation:आओ और पियो ।

January 4, 2019

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I would much like more variation in this lesson, with more different verbs. For the time being, it´s always the same: "eat and go", "come and eat", "don´t drink water" ...


Why is आइए not correct?


आइए is correct and is the more polite form. What did you use for 'drink? The polite imperative form should be पीजिए.


Thank you. I don't think that I used the correct form for drink and that's probably why it was marked incorrect.


This remembers me of :. Hey ! Come and see the show ! - Draco Malfoy.


Any specific reason it is पियो and not पिओ ?


Both forms are used. Refer to this discussion for more on the subject.


Is आकर पियो correct too?


I think that's probably better given the likely context of this sentence - not 'come', and also, unrelatedly, perhaps on your way, whatever, 'drink'; but more like 'hey come here to drink with us'.

I don't think Duolingo introduces the कर suffix though, so it may not be accepted.


What's the difference between आ and आओ? पी and पियो? Is the latter more imperative?


Hindi has three forms of 'you' - तू , तुम and आप in increasing order of formality. Therefore, the imperative can take three forms depending on which of these is the implied subject - आ and पी with तू, आओ and पियो with तुम, आइए and पीजिए with आप.

For example, you'd say आओ और पियो when talking to a friend and आइए और पीजिए when talking to a stranger.


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