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Duolingo: lithuanian to english course [UPDATED]


How many of you would be interested in a lithuanian to english course on Duolingo? I am just trying to find out it's popularity among Duolingo's users, so that I could be more motivated to apply as a contributor and suggest Duolingo's administration to allow me to make a lithuanian course on Duolingo. If you're interested in my plans, and want to see lithuanian, please leave a lot of likes, and comment, because I'm interested in your opinions.


It seems that there is an already existing thread in the forums, concerning the lithuanian to english course, posted 4 years ago. I suppose, that all we can do to promote Duolingo's inclusion of lithuanian for english speakers, is to upvote this thread in the thousands, and also comment in the thousands, asking for this course, including the spamming Duolingo with contributor applications for the course. I ask you to do all of this in the link of the mentioned thread:


(Thanks to FredrikVC for showing how to find this thread).

Also, please promote this thread in FB communities (pages and groups), that are interested in this lithuanian to english speakers course, and also among your friends, who are interested in lithuanian or any other languages (both FB and personal friends).

Thank you for your attention, and thank you beforehand, if you follow my request.

January 4, 2019


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I don't have plans to learn it now but it would be a great addition as there are a lot of Eastern European languages currently missing in Duo.


I'm glad to hear that. Spread the message.


I think it would be cool. Probably not going to learn it, but I know there are probably a lot of people who would.


Lithuanian is not currently a language I'm interested in (or likely to be interested) in learning, but it would be great to have it on Duolingo for those who are interested in learning it.
What languages are the most closely related to Lithuanian?


The Baltic languages such as Latvian.


Latvian, also you could say latgalian, which kind of looks like a separate language, and a dialect of latvian, but it has ties and some vocabulary similarities with lithuanian.


Yea that would be cool im not planning to learn that now but in a few years from now i would try that.


Yes. I have been heavily studying Latin so that I can help contribute to the DL Course since this morning. I have surprisingly come a long way. Lithuanian would be a great idea, as would Finnish, as that is one of the more asked for languages. There are enough people who know these languages to construct a course - why is Duolingo hesitating?


I imagine Duolingo have limited staff and have enough in the incubator already


I guess, but, isn't it the Duolingo users that construct the language courses? Here is a post I have just posted. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30236360

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