How would you use possessive adjectives?

How would you translate possesive forms "notre" "nos" and "votre" "vos"?

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notre = our singular
C'est notre maison. It is our house.

nos = our plural
Jean et Valerie sont nos amis. Jean and Valerie are our friends.

votre and vos is the same but for 'your' instead of 'our'.

There are several different French trees floating around, but here are the Tips & Notes from my French course, from the "Possessives 1" skill set. Hopefully the link will work for you:

1 month ago

Hi Lrtward,

Thanks for posting the link to the tips and notes in the tree. Unfortunately that link only works for people who have the same tree as you do. Those that have different versions of the French tree cannot access the tips and notes for tree3. That's why Sitesurf and I have been revising them and posting them directly in the forums. Here's the master post.

1 month ago

Thanks so much for sharing this helps out a lot.

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