"The seventh girl is bad."

Translation:A șaptea fată este rea.

January 4, 2019



Sorry, my romanian is very poor, but why is it not written fata (definite)? Is it not written the seventh girl is bad/la septième fille est mauvaise?

January 4, 2019


I do not know why, but if the ordinal numeral stands before the noun it modifies, there simply is no definite article:

  • a șaptea fată - "the seventh girl"

  • al treilea băiat - "the third boy"

You can use an indefinite article. It is placed before the numeral:

  • o a șaptea fată - "a seventh girl"

  • un al treilea băiat - „a third boy“

If the ordinal numeral is placed after its noun (that is possible, though, I guess, unusual), there is a definite article:

  • fata a șaptea - "the seventh girl"

  • băiatul al treilea - "the third boy"

January 4, 2019


Right, the numeral take a noun function, thus taking over the articulated form.


January 23, 2019
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