"Musim hujan musim pilek."

Translation:The rainy season is the season of the cold.

January 4, 2019

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A very odd English sentence. indeed.


Yes indeed. Because in this app they just translated it directly without notice the meaning or the similar expression in other language.


Didn't even translate it directly. There's no definite article in the Indonesian. "Rainy season is cold season." is about as close as you can get in English, but of course that's not accepted...


The rainy season is cold season.


Wet season is cold season ? or some variation but not the answer given


Wet season is raining season. Usually some people get cold on this season..that is why natives say cold season.


The confusion could be that the wet/rainy season in many English speaking countries is Autumn wheras the cold season (both temperature and for getting the common cold (virus)) is Winter. So the saying would not apply in most English speaking countries as it may do in countries on or near the equator where the wet season co- insides with the common cold (virus) season.


I would have expected adalah. I wrote "rainy season, flu season"

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