Champion Achievement

I apparently got the "Champion" achievement, because I "conquered a course." If you look at the courses I'm working on, you'll see I'm nowhere near... Glitch or bug?

January 4, 2019


I was also randomly given this achievement a year or two ago. Although I have since completed several courses.

January 4, 2019

Champion (completion) – (Tiers: 10, 20, no. of skills in tree)
You completed 10 or 20 skills of a course (1-2 stars)
You conquered a course (3 stars)

January 4, 2019

I'm going to clarify what 9owls means.

Basically, the champion achievement comes 3 times; when you have finished 10 skills, 20 skills, than all of them.

So I'm guessing you've recently finished more than 10 or 20 skills, and then the achievement shows up.

Hope this helped!

January 4, 2019

How does this work if you are working on two languages concurrently?

July 14, 2019

Hello, I have noticed that I don't get my lingots or scores as it is mentioned on Duolingo. As an example, few days ago I was told, by completing seven days, I have been awarded 10 lingots but when I checked I saw, I have Only been awarded 5 meaning from 135 , it changed to 140. I had noticed similar acts before but I had ignored to report ...

But today I completed " all Skills of a course in Section of "Possessive " in Turkish language " and I collected 390 points but Nothing was awarded to me in Champion Section. Before in Spanish Section I was awarded one Star for that...

I also wished there was a way to contact Duolingo directly as sometimes we need to reach you due to specific cases. Thank you for your attention

January 5, 2019

So I'm working pretty evenly on Japanese and French. In the first, I have finished nine items and am at lvl 2 on a tenth. On the second, I have completed 7 skills and have 3 additional ones at lvl 3. My "Champion" acheivement says I have 10. Can someone explain? Clearly the numbers don't cross languages, but I don't really have 10 completed on either one. What am I aiming for?

July 14, 2019
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