"ʻEhiku lei ʻaʻala"

Translation:Seven fragrant lei

January 4, 2019

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And a partridge in a palm tree!


So, is 'lei' the same for singular and plural? (Like 'deer' and 'fish')

[deactivated user]

    I googled it and it should be leis...


    Well, it's a point that can be discussed. Making a plural in English often adds 's' or 'ies' or something like that, but not Hawaiian. SO if we are supposed to be translating INto English do we follow the English spelling or a Hawaiian version? Most English speakers in Hawai'i use 'lei' for one or more than one, and some English speakers might even add 'na' if they meant more than one. Apparently DLHawaiian chooses this approach even though it does not allow a lot of other Hawaiian words that are commonly used by English speakers into accepted English translations.

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