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TNs, U55: Possessives 3 (Possessive Pronouns)

A possessive pronoun replaces a possessive adjective + a noun. Like most other pronouns, they agree in gender and number with the noun they replace. You first encountered these in "Possessives 2".

  • Est-ce ton chapeau ? — Is that your hat?
  • Oui, c'est le mien. — Yes, it's mine.

Possessive pronouns take different forms depending on how many things are possessed. First, let's take another look at the forms used when a single thing is possessed.

Owners Person English Masc. Sing. Fem. Sing.
singular 1st mine le mien la mienne
singular 2nd yours le tien la tienne
singular 3rd his/hers le sien la sienne
plural 1st ours le nôtre la nôtre
plural 2nd yours le vôtre la vôtre
plural 3rd theirs le leur la leur

To change these to the forms used when multiple things are possessed, simply add an -s to the end of the pronoun and change the definite article to les.

Owners Person English Masc. Plur. Fem Plur.
singular 1st mine les miens les miennes
singular 2nd yours les tiens les tiennes
singular 3rd his/hers les siens les siennes
plural 1st ours les nôtres les nôtres
plural 2nd yours les vôtres les vôtres
plural 3rd theirs les leurs les leurs
  • Ces enfants sont les miens. — These (or "those") children are mine.
  • Ce sont les tiens. — Those are yours.
  • Ces photos sont les siennes. — These photos are his (or "hers").

Note that the plural forms here are invariable with gender.

  • Ces jupes sont les leurs. — Those (or those) skirts are theirs.
  • Ces chaises sont les nôtres. — These (or those) chairs are ours.

Possessive pronouns act like modified nouns, so you must use ce/c' when referring to them with être.

  • Est-ce ton fils ? — Is he your son?
  • Oui, c’est le mien. (Not il est) — Yes, he is mine.

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January 4, 2019


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