"Bayinya belum imunisasi."

Translation:The baby has not had her immunizations.

January 4, 2019

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Shouldn't the Indonesian sentence read "Bayinya belum diimunisasi"


Yes, you are right. The translation is not accurate!


Yes, this one is the correct one. Just report it to duolingo


So many perfectly sensible translations that are not accepted!

"The baby has not yet been vaccinated." "The baby has not yet been immunised." "The baby has not yet been given his/her immunisations."

And to top it all off when you finally do pick the exact phasing that Duolingo accepts, it calls the non-US spelling of "immunisations" a typo! Why are Duolingo letting Americans who refuse to even acknowledge the existence of other English-speaking countries write language courses?! There's no way I'm ever going to upgrade to a premium account for this...


So because the translation is wrong, I fail the test


KBBI 5th edition also registered "imunisasi" only as a noun. If you want to say "The baby hasn't been vaccinated", the verb should be "memvaksin" (vaccines in general), "suntik" (injections in general) or "mencacar" (only smallpox) in active sentences, or "divaksinasi" / "disuntik" in passive sentences.

I really don't know "imunisasi" can also function as a verb...

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