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  5. "Kamu laki-laki?"

"Kamu laki-laki?"

Translation:Are you a man?

January 4, 2019



if laki-laki = man what about men? laki-laki-laki-laki?


Isn't the 'Kamu laki-laki' a statement (not a question) of 'You are a man'. The answer here is 'Are you a man?' which has a 'Yes'/'No' answer. Should the Indonesian be 'Apakah kamu laki-laki?'?

[deactivated user]

    Nah its a question. The words themselves are 'You man', which could only be in the context of a question. Hahaha tread carefully if you ever have to ask someone if theyre a man or woman. Only brave souls dare go there.

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