"E iho i lalo."

Translation:Go down.

January 4, 2019

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I wrote "go down below" and was marked wrong. What do you think?


I did the same. I reported it as a correct answer :)


I hear people tell kids " E noho i lalo. E ku i luna." for sit down, stand up. In English when I hear someone say "Go down below" I think "Below what?".


yeah i only hear people saying to go below if they are on a sailboat.


What's the difference between "e iho" and "e iho i lalo" ? Don't they both mean "Go down" ?


Maybe the luna / lalo are simply added to underscore or intensify the meaning? Plenty of languages have constructions that essentially give you the same information twice.

Or maybe it could make it more specific or local to the person? E.g.:

E iho ma kai: Head down seaward.

E iho i lalo: Go down (to some place literally below you like a lower floor).

These are just guesses; I guess I will see in further lessons if the hypothesis holds up. :)


same thought - I looked up iho (descend, go down) and lalo (down, beneath, below) so it seems pretty redundant to me? And so certainly rabelon's answer above (go down below) should be correct??


lalo. Related to Malay/Indonesian "dalam" and Tagalog "malalim".

~Vir pius sacrificat~


It told me "iho" and "lalo" were both "go down". What??? Whay do you need both???


What does “iho” mean? Wehewehe says “go down, descend, downhill, subside, down, below etc etc” & other meanings.

So why the tautology of “iho i lalo”? Go down under? It’s almost “go down down”!

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