"You need a lemon."

Translation:तुझे एक नींबू चाहिए।

January 4, 2019



Why is it translated as "to need" here? I thought चाहिए means "to want"

January 4, 2019


The चाहना means 'to want'.

However, the form चाहिए is special and can almost be treated as its own word. When used with nouns, it expresses a 'need' or stronger form of 'want'. When used with verbs, it expresses modality ('should' or 'need to').

तुम एक नींबू चाहते हो। - You want a lemon
तुम्हें एक नींबू चाहिए। - You need a lemon

मैं जाना चाहता हूँ । - I want to go
मुझे जाना चाहिए ।- I should go

January 5, 2019
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