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Swahili Verbs

Due to the scarcity of Swahili Resources online I began compiling vocab lists for Swahili words using a combination of words I picked up on Duolingo and the helpful but not extensive Swahili online dictionaries I have been able to find. I thought beginners (I'm still a beginner myself) could benefit from a list of Swahili verbs I put together.
Corrections and/or addition suggestions are welcome.

kuandaa- v. 1. to cook (food), 2. to prepare (especially food), 3. to plan
kuandika- v. to write
kuanguka- v. to fall (down), to crash
kuanza- v. to begin, to start
kubambua- v. to strip off, peel off
kubwaga- v. 1. to throw down, let fall, spill, 2. to win a game
kuchora- v. to draw (picture)
kuendelea- v. to continue, to develop
kufaa- v. to suit, to be convenient, to be of use
kufagia- v. to sweep
kufundisha- v. to teach
kufungua- v. to unlock
kuhitaji- v. to need
kuimba- v. to sing
kuingia- v. to enter
kuiva- v. to ripen
kuja- v. to come
kujaa- v. to be full
kujenga- v. to build
kujibu- v. to answer, to reply, to respond
kujifunza- v. to learn
kukagua- v. to check, to inspect
kukimbia- v. to run
kula- v. to eat
kulala- v. to sleep
kulea- v. to care for, raise (children)
kuleta- v. to bring
kulima- v. to farm, to cultivate
kulipa- v. to pay
kumeza- v. to swallow up, to engulf
kumwaga- v. to empty, to spill, to pour out
kununua- v. to buy
kunusa- v. to smell
kunywa- v. to drink
kuogopa- v. to be afraid
kuokoa- v. to save, to rescue
kuomba- v. to ask
kuona- v. 1. to see, 2. to feel, 3. to believe
kuongeza- v. to add, increase
kuonja- v. to taste, to savor
kuota- v. to grow, to sprout, to germinate
kuoza- v. to rot, to go bad (rotten)
kupaa- v. 1. to scrape off, 2. to rise, ascend, 3. to transfer embers
kupaka- v. to smear, to spread, to apply
kupasuka- v. to be torn, to split
kupata- v. to find, to get, to obtain
kupenda- v. to like, to love
kupika- v. to cook
kupotea- v. to get lost
kupoteza- v. to lost, to ruin, to misuse
kupumzika- v. to rest
kupunguza- v. to decrease, reduce, lessen
kuruhusu- v. to allow, to permit, to give permission
kuruka- v. to fly, to jump
kusafiri- v. to travel
kusikia- v. 1. to hear, feel, understand, 2. to obey
kusikiliza- v. to listen
kutaka- v. to want
kutayarisha- v. to prepare
kutembea- v. to walk
kutosha- v. to be enough
kuua- v. to kill, to murder
kuuma- v. to ache, to hurt
kuuma- v. to bite, to sting
kuuza- v. to sell
kuvunja- v. to break
kuweza- v. to be able
kuwinda- v. to hunt
kuzaliwa- v. to be born
kuzungumza- v. to talk, to converse
kwanza- v. to begin
kwenda- v. to go
kwisha- v. to cease

January 5, 2019



Have look for Glosbe. They have a free fairly good Swahili dictionary. https://glosbe.com/sw/en they also have a free app


Nice list. Thank you.


I use this one: https://africanlanguages.com/swahili/
It often (but not always) has noun classes and about half the time lists the plural. But there are gaps, sometimes you look up a word and it is not there. But they must be continually adding to it because I swear some words I checked out a couple years ago and found nothing I found translations for recently.


Thanks for this list of verbs. I copied the list and pasted it in a OpenOffice worksheet. I made my own list with the 18 verbs I'm using until now - level 6.
You are more advanced with 73 verbs.
You are learning a lot of languages, it's amazing!

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