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"Aia ʻo Kaleo ma waho o ka hale."

Translation:Kaleo is outside of the house.

January 5, 2019



yes, it means many stories according to www.wehewehe.org as well as building. "building" Hale. Building with many stories, halekuʻi. Building permit, palapala ʻae e kūkulu.


Youʻre right, hale is house first. The context of what type of hale is second. Itʻs how itʻs understood in the conversation I would guess. He hale nui kahi ʻāna e noho ai. A large house where he/she lives or a large building where he/she stays. Thanks for your help


Is waho the opposite of loko?


How do you differentiate when to use "ma" and "i"?

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