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  5. "ngeDmo' paqvam vIyaj."

"ngeDmo' paqvam vIyaj."

Translation:Because it is easy, I will understand this book.

January 5, 2019



Could you also say, "I understand this book because it is easy." ?



You have unnecessarily reversed the order of the clauses. They do basically mean the same thing, but whoever created the sentence may have wanted them in that specific order of presentation, so our course requires that you maintain that order of presentation.


How does one determine which order the clauses need to be in? The question I had right before this one had the same structure in the Klingon version, but the English version was switched. I can't go back and take a screenshot, but the English translation was: "I am not happy today because you scolded me yesterday."


If the -mo' clause appears first, the "because" clause should really also be first. When we started creating this course we weren't sure that we wanted to be strict about that, but later decided that we did want to be strict on that. So you may find some sentences that allow the order to be more flexible in the translation. We would actually like to remove those options and be stricter, so if you come across one that seems mismatched again, please let us know in the sentence discussion.

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