"Aamir is Julia's husband."

Translation:आमिर जूलिया का पति है।

January 5, 2019

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It's kind of confusing with all type of relationship and scenarios they put Julia, Peter, Julia and Neha. Sometimes I start to imagine and kind of get used to it. And with next example it's changed!


I've been trying to create a family tree for them, but it's confusing. Julia is Aamir's friend but Aamir is Julia's husband. But Julia is a child ... in spite of the fact that Julia is old.


Child marriage may be or julia in an accident lost her memory and became mental patient she dont remember her husband ..later her husband(aamir) became her friend


I have a question about the possessive "ka." In previous examples regarding her uncle and aunt, it was Julia ki Aunt/Julia kay Uncle. So, ki for female and kay for male, but in this sentence, Julia's husband, it turns into Julia ka Husband. Why?


'Ke' (or 'kay') is the masculine plural possessive ('ki' is feminine singular and plural) and is also used to indicate respect when talking to one's elders, hence its use with Julia's uncle. 'Ka' is the masculine single possessive.

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