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Reset and begin again

It has been several months since I started and stopped the German language learning. I now have more time and would like to reset so I can start easily from scratch. Is this possible, and how?

July 12, 2012



This needs to be added as a feature... users should be able to reset/wipe their progress without having to create a brand new account.

Learners will be overwhelmed by new (advanced) words or grammar popping up in very early lessons (that they have forgotten due to tardiness).


I'd also like the ability to reset my progress completely, without having to make a new account. I like my current account!


Best way to do it if you want to keep the same email address as the primary. Go into your account settings and change the username and email address to another. Then deactivate your account. When you sign up for an account again just plug in the username and email you actual want to use and it works like a charm.



now is reset possible in Settings > Reset or remove languages.


create another account


I'm not sure if you can actually reset your account, but it is possible to redo all the lessons you have completed before.


When redoing lessons new words (from higher lessons) are being met there.


Create a new account until you're up to date with your current account. Then just abandon the old account.


my sister keeps on getting onto my account and messing it up how can i restart


Yes this really one of the feature that should be done as soon as possible. It's highly annoying to get back into curse when it's thinking that you already know all these things.


Thanks Duolingo for not only bringing out the Android App (and it now installing on my S3) but also for letting us reset our progress. I am starting German again in a few hours and I won't make the mistake of stopping again :D


Two days ago I started to learn Turkish having spent nearly two years with duolingo learning Spanish. Unfortunately, I must have pressed the wrong button because now I seem to be a Dutch speaker learning English and cannot access my original account with the Turkish addition. Please help!


Why does “MÉXICO” have an accent, but “MEXICANO” does not?


I would like to do the same

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