"Kamu urutan berapa?"

Translation:What number are you?

January 6, 2019



Was I the only one who had problem with this translation? Urutan translates as 'order' (like when you order a product) or also as a 'number' in general? thx

January 6, 2019


'urutan' = sequence, order.
It's another 'order', not like when you order a product, that would be 'pesan', 'pesanan', 'memesan'.

January 15, 2019


Sekarang bisa mengerti. Terima kasih banyak

January 16, 2019


If the translation is supposed to be number , can someone please explain to me why the word "Jumlah (number) is missing from this sentence? my translation was what order are you in which is what i thought as order i believed was in the sense of sequence .

February 5, 2019
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