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  5. "पीटर अपना सेब खाता है ।"

"पीटर अपना सेब खाता है "

Translation:Peter eats his apple.

January 6, 2019



Why is the plural for apples not correct Peter eats his apples

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If you have the plural सेब, you need the plural form of अपना - अपने .

पीटर अपने सेब खाता है - Peter eats his apples

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    When I tried it worked.


    But I thought 'अपना' means 'your'?

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    अपना is a reflexive pronoun and refers to the subject of that sentence/clause. So, when the subject is 'तुम', it means 'your', when the subject is मैं, it means 'my' and so on.


    Ty so much your explanations are so helpdul


    Yes , as vinay said , me apna kaam kr raha hu , tum apna karo It means I'm doing mine and you so yours


    didn't we learn that uska/uski means his/her? what's the difference between uska and aapna?


    Just in case , It means Peter eats his apple. vinay92 is correct. apnaa means his or her.


    Google translate shows apna means ours or ourown..then y is it been taught as his

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    Apna is neither 'our' nor 'his'. Rather, it always refers to the subject of the sentence. You can think of it as meaning 'his/her/their/our/my/your own'.

    Eg: मैं अपना सेब खता हूँ - 'I eat my apple'/'I eat my own apple'
    वह अपना सेब खता है - 'He eats his apple'/'He eats his own apple'
    हम अपना सेब खाते हैं - 'We eat our apple'/'We eat our own apple'
    तुम अपना सेब खाते हो - 'You eat your apple'/'You eat your own apple'


    How do we know that Peter is eating his apple and not her apple? I think I understand why it cant be your apple or my apple, but not why it couldnt be hers? The person talking could be pointing at Julia when that person is talking to me. Peter is eating (points at Julia) her apple. ?? Help please?? & thank you in advance

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    'Peter is eating her apple' and 'Peter is eating his apple' (when the 'his' is not referring to Peter himself) will be 'पीटर उसका सब खाता है।'.

    This sentence uses अपना which always refers to the subject of the sentence ('Peter' in this case).

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