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  5. "Hegh molor."

"Hegh molor."

Translation:Molor died.

January 6, 2019



Am I wrong or couldn't another possible way to say this is "Molor is dead"?


Yes. I've added it in now. Klingon speakers don't tend to think of this sentence that way, because that makes it sound like a "be verb" that can be used adjectivally, and it is not.


I would translate "Molor is dead" as Heghpu' molor -- "Molor has died = He is dead".

The dying happened in the past but is relevant to the present day -- that's a case for the present perfect tense in English.


Heghpu' molor could be translated Molor is dead, Molor has died, or Molor died; all are appropriate. Hegh molor can be translated Molor dies, as if you're talking about the action as it happens and it isn't finished done and past yet, but you can't use it for Molor died in the sense of this is a thing that happened to him and is done, because that requires a perfective suffix.

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