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"The depth of water in the shallowest part is up to my knee."

Translation:Air di bagian terdangkal dalamnya hingga lutut saya.

January 6, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Some another correct translation: Kedalaman air di bagian terdangkal sampai dengan lutut saya.


    can I use "hingga" instead of" sampai dengan", if I want to use "Kedalaman air" like your sentence?


    It's okay, but if you want to use "hingga", don't forget to add "dalamnya"... If you only use "hingga", it sounds not clear (it sounds like "The depth of water in the shallowest part to my knee")


    English translation is very poor ...


    i'm having a lot of trouble working out the grammar on this sentence in english translation....


    the depth of water: dalamnya air in the shallowest part: di bagian terdangkal is up to my knee: hingga lutut saya What's wrong with the above translation? I can't really translate "Air di bagian terdangkal dalamnya" portion of the accepted translation


    Bagian terdangkal air dalamnya hingga lutut saya

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